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We are an interactive website working alongside the El Cajon Project, a non-profit organization that helps at-risk and disadvantaged high school students to graduate from high school and become productive members of our communities through an innovative culinary arts training program that offers school credit. Through this website we are hoping to bring awareness to the El Cajon Project as well as a useful forum for our chefs and friends. An Artisan cheese store will be available shortly, and we hope to add culinary knives, uniforms etc in the future!

What's Betty up to now...?

"Culinary camaraderie: Youth gain head start in local culinary academy" By Blair Tellers

"In the corner of the Gilroy High School's kitchen facility, Kale Potter scooped blobs of whipped pureed pumpkin out of a deep metal bowl with a spatula. 'KALE!' bellowed culinary instructor Betty Ewing. 'That was my favorite..." (more)

Matt Magana

Gilroy High
El Cajon graduate class of 2011
Working at Alexander's Steakhouse in Cupertino
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Coming Soon

Interview with Joseph Hodgkinson - Executive Chef of Foda Catering. El Cajon Project Inc. graduate

El Cajon Project

Please check out our program site, El Cajon Project, for additional information regarding our mission.